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Week 30

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Sun, 06/05/2018 - 17:43 -- Dave Brown
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The four KO Cup Finals and the Handicap Final sadly produced just a single tight final.

The First Division Final between Bentley A and Central B, which included Phil Snelson, provided that match. Bentley paraded Micky Lang, Richard Seymour and Graham Diplock whilst Central used Martin Townshend, Snelson and Andy Appleby. Townshend eased Central into the lead by overcoming Lang but Bentley roared back with Seymour beating Snelson. Appleby put Central back in front with victory over Diplock but Bentley squared the match when Seymour beat Townshend and then went ahead in the match when Lang beat Appleby. Snelson levelled the match again beating Diplock but Bentley took a 4-3 lead with Seymour completely his full house against Appleby. This meant that Central had win the final two sets to take the match and that is what they accomplished with Townshend beating Diplock and Snelson completing the match with victory over Lang so Central took the match 5-4.

The Second Division Final was between Ash C and Braybrooke A. Braybrooke proved far too strong with both Robert Hawes and Yizhong Wei unbeaten in a 5-2 victory.

In the Third Division Final Tennis G were attempting to complete a league and cup double. Using their normal trio of Peter Bone, Martin Evans and Mehrdad Abutalebi they comfortably overcame Ash E, 5-3. Bone won all three and his team-mates each won one. Les Knight won a couple for Ash.

Crawley Ridge C, in the Fourth Division Final, also won the cup and league double with a 7-2 win over Ash G. Yuriy Schulzhenko was unbeaten for Crawley Ridge with colleagues Mark Stephenson and Richard Hornby both bagging braces.

The Handicap Final did not match previous matches and was a convincing, 7-2, victory for Tennis H over Crawley Ridge A. Ken Thompson won a couple of singles for Crawley Ridge but the Tennis H squad of Michael Wolfe, John Page and Roger Whichelow belied their lower status in the league. Wolfe was the star and unbeaten.

It had been a disappointing end to the season for Crawley Ridge A as they failed to gain the points to pass Tennis F in the Third Division to avoid relegation. They missed out by a single point.

The only other league decision outstanding was Ash C becoming runners up in the Second Division. This despite struggling on many occasions to field a full team so many congratulations to Frank Winnard, Nigel Tustin and Chris Carter plus assorted reserves.

All trophies will be distributed on Monday May 21st at the AGM.