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Proposal: play games in the same order as Guildford league

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Thu, 29/03/2018 - 01:43 -- timboid
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Hi fellow TT-ers

​During the current 2017-18 season, Guildford started using a slightly revised order of play for league games. Essentially, it re-orders just two  games so that each player gets to play 2 singles before the doubles. I quite like this format as it kind of groups the evening into logical sections, and I've always somehow felt that having the doubles before each player has had 2 games 'disrupted' the flow of the evening somewhat.

During a few of my matches, I've mistakenly thought that ADTTL follow the same order of play as Guildford (and thought I was just using leftover stock of official scorecards with the 'old' order of play) -- apologies to any teams where I've coerced you into revising the order!

I'd like to propose that we follow suit and change the order as per the Guildford league.

What do you all reckon?


Tim (Frimley)