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Week 24

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Mon, 04/04/2016 - 09:37 -- Dave Brown
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What appeared at first sight to be a routine 9-1 win in the First Division for Central A over Ash B concealed a surprise story. Current Men’s Singles Champion and, to this point in time, unbeaten in the top flight, Phil Snelson, had been easily beaten by the youngest player in the division, Ben Fereday. Snelson won his other two and Peter Millard and Andy Appleby were both unbeaten. Bentley B have consolidated at the top after an 8-2 win over Tennis B. Andy Mudie notched a trio with Richard Seymour and Micky Lang each winning a couple but both lost to Tennis’ Paul Myers. Tennis C beat Frimley A 7-3 with Paul Shakespeare undefeated and Graham Diplock contributing a pair. Ash A edged past Cody A 6-4 with Dave Gilham chalking up a maximum. Peter Anthony bagged a brace for Cody.

The Handicap Cup Final will be between Frimley B and Ash H. Ash H, from the Fourth Division, easily beat their Second Division opponents Broadmoor B. Darren Milstead was the star performer for Ash, winning all three singles and colleagues Brian Lunn and Ben Carr each won twice with both losing to Broadmoor’s Mark Armstrong. Frimley B proved too strong for their D team. Quang Le was unbeaten for the B team with team-mates Hudson Foley and Brian Greenberg grabbing important wins. Anthony Connelly contributed a couple of points for the D team.

In the Third Division leaders Frimley C beat Ash F 6-4. Karim Lawji picked up a maximum for Ash with all the Frimley outfit, John Eade, Peter Farrelly and Derek Seager winning twice. Cody D eased further away from the relegation zone sharing the points with Ash E. Amy Parkes won all three for Ash with Jo Bartlett winning a couple in support. Dean Hewitt bagged a brace for Cody. Crawley Ridge A beat Tennis G 7-3 with Ken Thompson thrice successful for the Camberley outfit and colleague Richard Pape winning a couple as did Tennis’ Ian Brown.

Cody F damaged the promotion prospects of Crawley Ridge B, in the Fourth Division winning 6-4. Both Phil Russell and John Sheehy picked up maximums for Cody. Meanwhile leaders Cody E were whitewashing Ash J. Alan Richards, Nigel Roberts and Kim Phillips can now see the finish line in sight. Tennis J beat Ash K 7-3 with all the Tennis team, Charles Burton, Dave Lewis ans Graham Rudd winning twice but all succumbing to Ash’s Stuart Wickham. Frimley E beat Tennis H 6-4 with both Stephen Bridle and James Maxwell unbeaten for Frimley. Two more matches finished 6-4 Broadmoor C overcame Fleet B with Gabriel Ailiaoe picking up a trio and Kenny Duarte winning a couple, this was matched by Fleet’s Rob Brook. Ash H beat their G team by the same score. Ben Carr registered a maximum for the H team with the G team pair of Ray Mears and Bob Murrell each winning twice.

In the Second Division Ash C and Frimley B shared the points with Frimley’s Hudson Foley winning all three. Alan Gess and Frank Winnard won a couple apiece for Ash. Bentley B beat Tennis E 7-3 with Eric North and Phil Hales picking up all the Bentley points.